Introducing the Agile Desktop

Monday Mar 29th 2010 by Staff

Klocwork explains how source code analysis tools serve as a complement to agile development processes.

Klocwork: In order for agile development processes to succeed, you've got to create software that actually works for the end user. And that means dealing with your "bug debt" along the way.

In this white paper, Klocwork explains that its source code analysis solution can help agile development teams

  • Reduce bug debt, with the vast majority of implementation flaws being caught through continuous in-editor code analysis
  • Create more maintainable, comprehensible code via powerful in-editor refactoring tools for such common tasks as extracting methods, renaming, etc.
  • Vastly increase code review coverage, using a social network-style usability model that brings the developers to the code review in a natural, asynchronous manner
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