The Analytics Landscape

Monday Mar 15th 2010 by Staff

Jaspersoft offers an overview of all the different technologies covered by the term "analytics" and presents the company's product offerings for each area.

Jaspersoft: Over decades, the term "analytics" has evolved to encompass a wide variety of technologies. In this white paper, Jaspersoft provides an overview of those technologies. It covers:

  • Presentation layer technologies, including reporting, analysis, dashboards, mash-ups and portals
  • Data store technologies, including OLTP, RDBMS with analytic extensions, analytic databases, and NoSQL systems
  • Middleware technologies, including ETL, EII, CEP, search/unstructured content, and MapReduce/Hadoop
  • Analytic applications, including BPM and others.

It also briefly outlines Jaspersoft's products related to each area.

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