WikiLeaks to Move Servers Offshore, Sources Say

Thursday Feb 2nd 2012 by Staff

Some say moving the servers to international waters won't help the group escape prosecution unless the members live there too.

Fox News: Unnamed sources tell Fox News that WikiLeaks plans to move its servers outside national borders in order to escape prosecution. The servers could move to Sealand, a WWII anti-aircraft platform in the North Sea, or they could simply place the servers on barges in international waters. "Then they can keep running WikiLeaks and nobody can touch them,” one source told “If you get a certain distance away from any land, then you're dealing with maritime law ... They can't prosecute [Julian Assange] under maritime law. He's safe. He's not an idiot, he's actually very smart."

However, others say the move wouldn't keep Assange and other WikiLeaks' supporters safe from prosecution. "Where the data resides isn’t what determines jurisdiction," said Jim Dempsey of the Center for Democracy and Technology. "You prosecute real people, you don’t prosecute servers. So if the WikiLeaks people want to live on a platform in the North Sea and educate their children there ... for people who have lives, that doesn’t make sense."

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