Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee, Linux Torvalds, Al Gore Among Internet Hall of Fame Inductees

Tuesday Apr 24th 2012 by Staff

Thirty-three people will be in the first class of inductees.

Wired: Thirty years after its official birth, the Internet is getting a hall of fame. The Internet Society announced on Monday that they will induct 33 people into the Internet Hall of Fame. They include the following:

  • Pioneers: Vinton Cerf, Danny Cohen, Steve Crocker, Donald W. Davies, Elizabeth “Jake” Feinler, Charles Herzfeld, Robert E. Kahn, Peter Kirstein, Leonard Kleinrock, John Klensin, Jon Postel, Louis Pouzin, Lawrence Roberts
  • Innovators: Mitchell Baker, Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Caillau, Van Jacobson, Lawrence H. Landweber, Paul Mockapetris, Craig Newmark, Ray Tomlinson, Linus Torvalds, Phil Zimmermann
  • Global Connectors: Randy Bush, Kilnam Chon, Al Gore, Nancy Hafkin, Geoff Huston, Brewster Kahle, Daniel Karrenberg, Toru Takahashi, Tan Tin Wee
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