Google Will Offer $1 Million in Rewards for Hacking Chrome in Contest

Tuesday Feb 28th 2012 by Staff

Google's bug bounty dwarfs the official Pwn2Own contest prize.

Forbes: For the past three years, no one has found an exploitable bug in the Chrome browser during the annual Pwn2Own hacking contest--largely because not many people have tried--but that could change next week. Google has announced that it will pay up to $1 million dollars in bug bounties during the contest. Specifically, it will pay $20,000 per security bug that affects all browsers, $40,000 per bug specific to Chrome, and $60,000 per bug that exists only in Chrome, up to a maximum of $1 million.

Google's payouts could easily surpass the prize money offered by the contest organizer: the first, second and third place winners will receive $60,000, $35,000 and $15,000, respectively.

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