Google, Oracle Deny Paying for Propaganda

Monday Aug 20th 2012 by Staff

Oracle continues to assert that Google pays "influencers" to talk and write positively about its causes.

InformationWeek: In response to a judge's request for information, both Google and Oracle have issued statements denying that they paid bloggers and journalists to write articles in their favor. The unusual request from the judge came when the case regarding Android's use of Java APIs was all but wrapped up. The judge had already ruled that APIs cannot be copyrighted, effectively ending Oracle's case against Google. The two sides are now arguing about whether Oracle will pay Google's legal fees.

In responding to the judge's request, Oracle did admit to paying blogger Florian Mueller, but only as a consultant. Oracle also claimed that Google "maintains a network of direct and indirect 'influencers' to advance Google's intellectual property agenda." For its part, Google says that is has given money to universities, political organizations and trade associations, but that it never paid for favorable media coverage.

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