Cloud Computing and Microsoft Exchange Coexistence

Wednesday Feb 16th 2011 by Staff

A look at the advantages of both on-premise and off-premise Exchange hosting.

Many companies are eager to off-load some components of their operations yet retain some aspects in-house. Jabez Gan discusses running Microsoft Exchange both on-premise and off-premise.

Organizations interested in some of the benefits of cloud computing have the option to run Exchange Servers in-house, but host mailboxes at Microsoft's data center. This is known as "co-existence," and it has its pros and cons, both from an IT manager's and end user's perspective. In this article, we'll consider the the implications of co-existence for both groups.

The advantages of Exchange coexistence

The advantages of Exchange coexistence can be enumerated by looking at the benefits of each half a coexistence deployment.

An on-premises Exchange server managed by in-house IT enjoys these advantages:

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