Is Cloud Computing Overhyped?

Friday Oct 22nd 2010 by Amy Newman

Leading analysts disagree about cloud computing's prospects in the years ahead.

Leading research firms IDC and Gartner disagree about the prospect for cloud computing, which is clearly the most talked about emerging technology in IT today. Amy Newman dissects the debate.

Read the headlines and talk to some of the vendors, and it's easy to believe that there isn't an organization not deploying applications to the cloud.

IDC, long been a champion of cloud computing, certainly to believes that's where the future lies. More than 18 months ago, Senior Vice President and chief analyst Frank Gens claimed that although the adoption rate for clouds at the time was around 15 percent, it would account for 25 percent of the net growth of technology from 2011 to 2012, and 30 percent of growth from 2012 to 2013.

Cloud computing is now exceeding these expectations.

Last Friday, the firm released the report, "Public Cloud Business Continuity Services Remain an Underserved Opportunity Overall." The research, based on results of a Web survey of 300 qualified IT and business professionals, found cloud computing to be one of the faster growing areas of IT spending.

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