Mozilla: Windows 8 a 'Return to the Digital Dark Ages'

Thursday May 10th 2012 by Staff

Windows RT won't support browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Wired: Mozilla, the maker of the open source Firefox browser, isn't happy about Microsoft's plan to restrict third-party browsers on Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 that will run on ARM-based devices. Harvey Anderson, Mozilla’s General Counsel, blogged that the move was “an unwelcome return to the digital dark ages.”

Windows RT gives Internet Explorer access to special APIs other Web browsers can’t use. As a result, “there’s no way another browser can possibly compete with IE in terms of features or performance,” said Mozilla's Asa Dotzler. Those restrictions “are in direct violation of the promises [Microsoft] made to developers, users, and OEMs about browser choice," he added, noting that Microsoft's plans may violate the antitrust agreement it made with the EU.

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