Oracle Donates OpenOffice to the Apache Software Foundation

Thursday Jun 2nd 2011 by Staff

The office productivity software will become part of Apache's incubator program.

ReadWriteWeb: Ever since Oracle acquired the open source office productivity software in its purchase of Sun Microsystems, various groups have criticized Oracle's handling of the project and called for the company to hand off leadership. Now Oracle has done just that, announcing that it will donate the code to the Apache Software Foundation.

The Document Foundation, the group behind the LibreOffice fork of, gave the announcement a cool reception, saying, "The step Oracle has taken today was no doubt taken in good faith, but does not appear to directly achieve this goal [of bringing the two projects together]. The Apache community, which we respect enormously, has very different expectations and norms - licensing, membership and more - to the existing and LibreOffice projects. We regret the missed opportunity but are committed to working with all active community members to devise the best possible future for LibreOffice and"

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