DOJ Wants Wireless Carriers to Collect Location Data

Friday May 13th 2011 by Staff

In the middle of Senate hearings about whether Google and Apple are violating users' privacy rights, the Department of Justice requests that they keep collecting user data.

InformationWeek: The Department of Justice (DOJ) doesn't want Apple and Google to stop storing user location data--they want new laws that require wireless carriers to store that data. In the middle of Senate hearings into whether Apple and Google violated users' privacy rights by storing location data from wireless devices, the DOJ's Jason Weinstein said "Even though we encounter users who use their smartphones and devices as they would use a computer, many wireless providers do not maintain the records necessary to trace the IP address to a smartphone." He added, "Law enforcement must be able to get the data it needs to identify these crimes successfully and identify the perpetrators."

The testimony was something of a surprise in a hearing called with the purpose of protecting citizen's privacy.

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