7 Surprising Trends That Show What Tech Skills You Need to Succeed

Thursday May 12th 2011 by Datamation.com Staff

IT salaries and hiring are on the rise.

ReadWriteWeb: A number of different experts are saying that IT salaries and hiring are on the rise. That's good news. But the types of positions being posted on job board Dice.com show some surprises:

  1. "Demand for Hadoop knowledge grew slower than other NoSQL related technologies. However, there were still more Hadoop jobs than there were jobs in every other NoSQL technology combined."

  2. "Demand for Oracle eBusiness Suite skills dipped. Skills on Oracle's database, unsurprisingly, remained strong."

  3. "Silverlight overtook Flash."

  4. "Demand for iPad skills decreased by 3.5%. However, iOS demand increased by 24.9%."

  5. "Android had 1,019 jobs, which beat iOS' 832 jobs. But iOS is growing faster."

  6. "There was an increased demand for skills in Facebook and Twitter."

  7. "Azure was the fastest growing platform, with 80.7% growth."

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