Google's Page Begins Major Reorg: Engineers, Not Managers, In Charge

Wednesday Apr 6th 2011 by Staff

The departure of product chief Jonathan Rosenberg points to larger structural changes underway at the company as Larry Page takes over as CEO.

All Things Digital: Yesterday, Jonathan Rosenberg resigned as Google's chief of product development and said that his decision to leave was related to Larry Page's transition to CEO of the company. Unnamed sources say that change points to a larger shift within the structure of Google.

"The main theme that seems to be emerging: An elimination of Google's more centralized functional structure -- where Rosenberg was one of several manager kingpins -- to one in which the individual business units and their engineers, such as its most independent Android division, rule more autonomously," reports All Things Digital. "Reimagined like this, Google would become an ambidextrous organization with more powerful unit line execs, mostly engineers, doing what needs to be done to succeed, less burdened by the need to vet every little effort through various managers of Google's powerful operating committee."

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