Microsoft Exec: Tablets Might be a Flash in the Pan

Thursday Mar 31st 2011 by Staff

At a speech in Australia, Craig Mundie expresses doubt about tablets, but talks up Kinect and new retina displays.

Sydney Morning Herald: At a Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) lunch, Microsoft's global chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie expressed doubts about the longevity of tablet PCs. "I don't know whether the big screen tablet pad category is going to remain with us or not," he said. Instead, he believes the smartphone "as it emerges more will become your most personal computer."

Mundie was much more enthusiastic about Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing technology. "I believe the successor to the desktop is the room, that instead of thinking that the computer is just something on the desk that you go and sit in front of, [in the] future basically the whole room is the computer and you go in it," he said.

He also described a new type of experimental display technology that "can beam individual rays of light into your eyes right on your retina ... [so] you can look at your phone and see HDTV."

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