Intel Announces 320 Series Third-Generation SSD

Tuesday Mar 29th 2011 by Staff

Solid state drives get bigger, faster and less expensive.

PCMagazine: Intel is rolling out its third generation of solid state drives (SSDs) that can replace traditional hard drives. The 320 Series drives are available in a variety of sizes from 40GB all the way up to a whopping 600GB. Intel says the drives are also more reliable and faster than its previous SSDs, which were already much more reliable and faster than traditional hard drives.

In addition, the new hardware costs about 30 percent less than previous Intel SSDs. Manufacturers can purchase 1,000 of the drives at the following rates: 40GB for $89, 80GB for $159, 120GB for $209, 160GB for $289, 300GB for $529, and 600GB for $1,069.

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