Android Loads Mobile Web Pages 52 Percent Faster Than iPhone, Study Says

Thursday Mar 17th 2011 by Staff

A new study found that Android loads sites faster than iOS 84 percent of the time.

PCMagazine: Blaze Software has released the results of a test which took 45,000 measurements of how long it took Android and iOS to load pages from 1,000 different Web sites. It found that Android took about 2.144 seconds to load the average page, while iOS took 3.254 seconds, making Android 52 percent faster. In fact, Android was faster than iOS on 84 percent of the sites.

"We were very surprised by the results," Blaze's Guy Podjarny. "We assumed that it would be closer race and that the latest JavaScript speed improvements would have a more material impact on performance. The fact that Android beat iPhone by such a large margin was not expected."

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