If You Bought Apple Stock Instead of Products

Friday Mar 11th 2011 by Datamation.com Staff

If you hadn't bought that PowerBook G3 in 1997, you could have $330,563 today.

NYTimes: UC Berkeley computer science student Kyle Conroy has put together a new chart that answers the question "If I had bought Apple stock instead of Apple products, how much money would I have now"? In most cases, the answer is "an awful lot." For example, if you spent $5,700 to buy Apple stock in 1997 instead of a PowerBook G3, you would have $330,563 today. Instead of a first-generation iPod from 2001 that originally cost $400, you could have $11,500.

By contrast, buying $3500 worth of HP stock in 1997 instead of an HP laptop would only net you $4,560.

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