IT Jobs Boom in Midwest

Friday Feb 18th 2011 by Staff

Believe it or not, the fastest growing metro area for tech jobs is Detroit.

CIO Insight: According to online jobs board, there were 74,413 tech jobs posted in the country as of February 1. Surprisingly, the fastest growing area for tech jobs is Detroit, which has seen 100 percent year-over-year growth. The next three fastest growing metro areas for IT jobs are also in the Midwest: Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus.

However, while the number of Midwest jobs is growing rapidly, these areas still lag far behind traditional tech powerhouses in actual job postings. The area with the highest number of IT job postings currently is Washington D.C./Baltimore with 8,538, followed by New York/New Jersey (8,454), Silicon Valley (4,792) and Chicago (3,236).

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