Anonymous Claims Possession Of Insidious Stuxnet Virus

Thursday Feb 17th 2011 by Staff

A tweet by an an "online activist" claims the group has the worm that brought down Iran's nuclear facilities.

Forbes: A Twitter user who goes by "Topiary" and claims to be an online activist and "supporter of Anonymous operations" recently tweeted, “Anonymous is now in possession of Stuxnet – problem, officer?” So far, it's not clear if the claim is true. If it is true, it's possible the group behind numerous cyberattacks in support of Wikileaks could re-work the code--a tricky job with a piece of malware this complex--to target systems other than the industrial machinery that was the aim of the Stuxnet virus.

A separate source tells Forbes that the group obtained a copy of the Stuxnet virus when they hacked into the HBGary Federal files.

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