Apple Now The Most Valuable Tech Company By $100 Billion; Google Closing In On Microsoft

Tuesday Feb 15th 2011 by Staff

During the past 9 months, Apple's value has increased $100 billion, while Microsoft's has increased just $1 billion.

TechCrunch: Not too long ago, it seemed crazy to suggest that Apple could become the most valuable tech company in the world. Now, it's not only the most valuable, it's worth $100 billion dollar more than the no. 2 tech company, Microsoft. For comparison, HP's market cap is $105 billion--about the same as Apple's lead over Microsoft.

And that lead is growing. In the past nine months, Apple's market cap has increased by $100 billion, while Microsoft grew just $1 billion. In the near future, Microsoft could even slip to no. 3 or 4, as both Google and IBM are closing in on its value.

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