Worldwide Mobile Data Traffic Exploding, Cisco Says

Tuesday Feb 1st 2011 by Staff

The network equipment vendor says that by 2015, people will send 26 times more mobile data than they do now.

LA Times: In its annual Global Mobile Traffic Forecast, network equipment vendor Cisco says that mobile data traffic in 2010 grew 2.6 times over 2009. In addition, the company predicts that by 2015, the world will send 26 times as much mobile data as it does now. That means in four years, we'll send 6.3 exabytes per month, which is, as Cisco's Suraj Shetty points out, "the equivalent of every man, woman and child on Earth sending 1,000 text messages every second."

Cisco predicts that two thirds of that increase in data will result from increased use of video--including mobile video calls.

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