Netflix Lists ISPs with Best Performance

Friday Jan 28th 2011 by Staff

New data adds more fuel to the Net Neutrality debate.

PC Magazine: Netflix has released a list of the Internet service providers (ISPs) with the best streaming performance and vows to update the list regularly. The current list finds Charter Communications, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Suddenlink at the top of the chart. Clearwire got the lowest spot.

Adding more fuel to the current "net neutrality" debate, Netflix executives Reed Hastings and David Wells also offered their opinions on who should pay for data access. "We think the cost sharing between Internet video suppliers and ISPs should be that we have to haul the bits to the various regional front-doors that the ISPs operate, and that they then carry the bits the last mile to the consumer who has requested them, with each side paying its own costs," they said. Today, some ISPs charge Netflix (and other partners) to allow their customers to access Netflix services, "and we think this is inappropriate," they added.

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