Egypt Turns Off the Internet

Friday Jan 28th 2011 by Staff

Experts say it would be impossible for U.S. officials to cut off communications as completely as Egypt has.

Washington Post: Responding to protesters calling for an end to President Hosni Mubarak's regime, Egyptian officials shut down Internet service in the country in the early hours of Friday morning. Experts say the action was possible because there are so few Internet service providers in the country. They say it's unlikely that the U.S. or very many other countries could shut down Internet access within their borders.

"It can't happen here," said security expert Jim Cowie. "How many people would you have to call to shut down the U.S. Internet? Hundreds, thousands maybe? We have enough Internet here that we can have our own Internet. If you cut it off, that leads to a philosophical question: Who got cut off from the Internet, us or the rest of the world?"

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