IT Hiring Shows Gains, But Jobs May Be Shifting

Tuesday Jan 11th 2011 by Staff

Industry watchers say there is a growth in "hybrid" jobs which have a joint IT/business function.

Computerworld: Data from several different sources shows the U.S. IT industry added jobs near the end of 2010. TechServe Alliance says that tech employment grew by 3,500 workers, or .09 percent, for an overall IT workforce of 3.9 million. Two years ago, IT accounted for 4 million jobs.

Foote Associates says IT had a net gain of 9,600 jobs and says the government data used by the TechServe Alliance doesn't show the number of "hybrid" jobs--workers who serve a dual IT/business role. "There are hundreds of other newly-defined IT skills and knowledge permutations for which IT/business hybrid jobs are being created to replace many IT jobs that were lost over the last three years -- and that aren't coming back," said CEO David Foote.

Staffing firm Yoh Services says IT and science-related jobs saw a hourly wage increase of 4.31 percent in December.

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