DDoS Attacks Against Human Rights Groups on the Rise

Wednesday Dec 22nd 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

Harvard found 140 attacks against 280 political and human rights sites during a 12 month period.

TGDaily: According to researchers at Harvard University, 280 Web sites belonging to political activists and human rights organizations were the victims of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks between August 2009 and September 2010. In none of the cases did a government entity take responsibility for the attacks. "In contrast, we found many examples of activists claiming responsibility for attacks, sometimes against their own governments but mostly against either governments or activists in other countries — for example the multiple attacks by the Electronic Disturbance Theater against the Mexican government," said the report.

The group says the solution to the problem is not simple. "The rise of DDoS as a technique for silencing human rights and independent media sites is the symptom of a larger problem: the shortage of technical talent in administering these websites and the increasing isolation of the websites from the core of the network," the report concludes. "There is no simple technical solution to this problem."

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