Recession Extends Hardware Lifecycles

Tuesday Dec 21st 2010 by Staff

Enterprises are keeping both laptops and desktops four or five years or longer.

Computerworld: Two new studies suggest that enterprises are keeping hardware much longer than previously. In a CDW survey, 49 percent of companies said they put off buying new PCs this year. A second survey by recycling firm Redemtech finds that 50 percent of companies are putting off buying PC for four years or longer, with 20 percent holding on to their hardware for at least five years.

"I don't think there's a question about whether or not lifecycles are lengthening," says Gartner's Raphael Vasquez. "I think there's a pretty strong case that they are. The question now is, are they lengthening because of the recession? Because people choose to buy media tablets? Or because existing mobile PCs are now simply being used less because of alternative platforms (like media tablets, smartphones)?"

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