Apple iPad, HP Slate, Dell Streak Drive Corporate Tablet Use

Friday Dec 17th 2010 by Staff

Seven percent of corporations provide tablets for their employees now, but 14 percent plan to do so next year.

eWeek: ChangeWave Research has released a new survey on enterprise use of tablet PCs. Currently, just 7 percent of corporations provide the devices for employees, but 14 percent say they plan to do so in the first quarter of next year. “In other words, the total number of companies making use of tablet devices is set to double in just the next three months—an explosive surge in demand going forward,” noted ChangeWave's Paul Carton.

Among enterprises that do use tablets, the iPad was by far the most popular with 82 percent of the business market, followed by the HP Slate (11 percent), and the Dell Streak (7 percent).

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