Oracle Asks Apache to Reconsider Java Committee Departure

Friday Dec 10th 2010 by Staff

The open source foundation seems unlikely to re-join the group it left on Wednesday.

Computerworld: On Wednesday, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced that it would leave the Java SE/EE Executive Committee because it believed that Oracle had too much control over the Java ecosystem. Now Oracle is asking the ASF to come back. "Last month Oracle renominated Apache to the Java Executive Committee because we valued their active participation and perspective on Java," wrote Oracle's Adam Messinger. "We encourage Apache to reconsider its position and remain a part of the process to move Java forward. ASF and many open source projects within it are an important part of the overall Java ecosystem."

ASF seems disinclined to rejoin. "Give us a reason why the ASF should reconsider other than 'please,'" tweeted ASF president Jim Jagielski. In a blog post, he added that the Java Community Process is dead. "All that remains is a zombie, walking the streets of the Java ecosystem, looking for brains."

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