IT Professionals Labor Market Stagnating, Report Finds

Tuesday Dec 7th 2010 by Staff

A Foote Partners report highlights volatility and a trend towards hiring temporary workers and consultants.

eWeek: According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), November saw a slight gain in the number of IT jobs available--a new increase of 4,400. A related Foote Partners report finds much volatility in the IT job market, as well as a trend toward hiring temporary workers and contractors.

"We remain convinced that the length of the tail on this staffing lag will be much longer than previous economic recoveries," says David Foote. "A lot of the jobs lost during this recession are not coming back because employers have changed their human capital investment models and practices. Instead of focusing on jobs, the accent is on skills acquisition. These skills can be acquired by buying them, renting or simply letting someone else do the job for you. Clearly it’s the last two approaches that are taking precedence right now."

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