Microsoft Free AV Slammed As Anti-Competitive

Tuesday Nov 9th 2010 by Staff

Some say Redmond could face a lawsuit in Europe over its free antivirus protection. Security vendors aren't happy about Microsoft's free antivirus protection, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Panda Security's Luis Corrons compares it to the browser issues that resulted in a European lawsuit. "It's pretty similar or even worse, because at least with browsers you can still have two or three running on a machine at once and nothing happens," he said. "But because two anti-virus products don't usually work together, if you've already got one [MSE] installed you can't install a new security product unless you remove it."

Another Panda employee, Pedro Bustamante, noted, "If pushing MSE via Windows/Microsoft Update is very successful it will end up creating a monoculture of hundreds of millions of users having the same anti-virus product. Right now hackers have to worry about bypassing multiple anti-virus products and protection layers every time they release a new piece of malware. Having to bypass only one product makes their life so much easier."

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