Google Adds Instant Preview to Search

Tuesday Nov 9th 2010 by Staff

Clicking a magnifying glass icon on the search results page will now give users an image of the site they're about to visit.

Computerworld: Google is turning up the heat on competitor Bing with a new "Instant Preview" feature on its search results pages. To use the feature, site visitors click on a magnifying glass icon to the right of the search results. They can then see a preview of the sites listed on the page.

"We're trying to move more toward an application than a static page." said Google's Raj Krishnan. "We want you to have more of an interaction with Google search. You can interact and have a dynamically changing page."

"This is a good evolution of search features and functions, and something that Bing will probably need to respond to," noted analyst Dan Olds of The Gabriel Consulting Group.

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