RockMelt Browser Debuts Beta

Monday Nov 8th 2010 by Staff

New HTML5-compliant browser integrates social networking features.

PCMagazine: Start-up RockMelt today unveiled a beta version of a new browser. Backed by Netscape developer Marc Andreessen, the company hopes to make a browser that's radically different from the others in the crowded landscape.

"At RockMelt we are reinventing the browser for the way people use the Web today," said company founder Tim Howes. "We think this has changed dramatically from the way people used it just a few short years ago. But all the browsers available today, although they've gotten a lot faster, are still just about navigating web pages. We built features into the browser to address people's three top browsing behaviors: interacting with friends, consume news and information, and searching."

RockMelt incorporates support for social networks and news/information sites with toolbars on the right and left sides of the screen.

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