Browser Add-On Lets Enterprises Run IE6 Inside IE8

Wednesday Nov 3rd 2010 by Staff

"Unibrows" could help companies solve the compatibility problems that are slowing migration to IE8 and Windows 7.

InfoWorld: Start-up Browsium has unveiled a new Internet Explorer plug-in that could make it easier for enterprises to complete their migrations to IE8 and Windows 7. Many companies have sites and applications designed for IE6 that don't work in IE8. As a result, they've found it too costly to upgrade to IE8 or Windows 7, which includes IE8. Browsium's "Unibrows" plug-in will allow users to run IE6 within IE8, potentially solving those problems.

"Companies need something simple that isn't virtualization based," said Browsium CEO Matt Heller. "Unibrows renders IE6 inside an IE8 tab without companies' having to change a single line of code in the sites or Web applications."

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