Final IPv4 Addresses to be Issued Within Months, NRO Warns

Monday Oct 18th 2010 by Staff

Just 12 of the 256 blocks of IPv4 addresses remain available.

NetworkWorld: The Number Resources Organization (NRO), which is the group responsible for allocating Internet addresses to regional registrars, is sounding the alarm for the need to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6. The organization says that only 12 blocks of free IPv4 addresses remain available, and it expects to hand those out early next year. Each block includes 16 million addresses, or 1/256th of the total number available.

"This is a major milestone in the life of the Internet, and means that allocation of the last blocks of IPv4 to the RIRs is imminent," said NRO chairman Axel Pawlik. "It is critical that all Internet stakeholders take definitive action now to ensure the timely adoption of IPv6."

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