Top Enterprise Architecture Trends

Friday Oct 15th 2010 by Staff

Forrester research highlights the biggest changes in enterprise IT.

ZDNet: Forrester Research has put together a list of the top 15 trends in enterprise architecture. Here are their top ten:

  1. Next-gen BI takes shape, combining real-time access with pervasiveness, agility, and self-service
  2. Business rules processing and policy-based SOA move to the mainstream
  3. SaaS and cloud-based platforms become standard
  4. System management enables continued virtualization
  5. Collaboration platforms become people-centric
  6. Event-driven patterns demand attention
  7. Customer community platforms integrate with business apps
  8. Apps and business processes go mobile on powerful devices and faster networks
  9. Analytics target text and social networks
  10. IaaS finds a broader audience
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