Is Your Future in IT a Job in the Boonies?

Monday Oct 11th 2010 by Staff

The trend toward "onshore outsourcing" has more IT workers moving to places like Jonesboro, Ark.; Sebeka, Minn.; or Macon, Mo.

InfoWorld: If you're struggling to find work in a big city, you might consider moving to Jonesboro, Ark.; Sebeka, Minn.; or Macon, Mo. These off-the-beaten-path locales are becoming increasingly popular for onshore outsourcing. Because they offer relatively low cost of living, these locations help IT outsourcing firms keep their costs low for clients, without moving work overseas.

The downside? Rural outsourcing firms typically pay 30 to 40 percent less than jobs in big cities, the weather may not be as nice, and the lifestyle changes can be difficult for those used to a more urban setting.

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