iPad Adoption Rate Fastest Ever, Passing DVD Player

Tuesday Oct 5th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

Analysts say Apple is selling 4.5 million iPad units per quarter.

Fast Money: Analysts at Bernstein Research say Apple is selling 4.5 million iPads per quarter. If that's true, it means the iPad is selling faster than both the iPhone and the DVD player, which was previously the fastest selling non-phone electronic product. At the current rate of adoption, the iPad could become the fourth biggest category of consumer electronics in the U.S., ahead of gaming hardware.

The report also suggests the iPad could be hurting sales of TVs and digital cameras, as well as netbooks and laptops. “It is the rare American household that would spend $600-plus dollars on an iPad and buy a TV or a PC or a digital camera in the same month, or the same quarter, or maybe even the same year,” explained Bernstein Research's Colin McGranahan.

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