House Net Neutrality Compromise Falls Apart

Thursday Sep 30th 2010 by Staff

Congress will head home without passing a net neutrality bill.

Enterprise Networking Planet: According to Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Republicans in the House of Representatives have withdrawn their support for a compromise net neutrality bill. The lack of bipartisan support effectively derails net neutrality--at least for this session.

Republican Joe Barton (Texas) explained his party's objections to the bill, saying, "There is a widespread view that there is not sufficient time to ensure that Chairman Waxman's proposal will keep the Internet open without chilling innovation and job creation."

Waxman left the door open for the FCC to move towards re-classifying broadband as a telecommunications service so that the agency could regulate the Internet without Congress. "Cooler heads may prevail after the elections. But I want my position to be clear -- my goal is the best outcome for consumers," he said. "If our efforts to find bipartisan consensus fail, the FCC should move forward under Title II. The bottom line is that we must protect the open Internet. If Congress can't act, the FCC must."

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