F.C.C. Likely to Open Airwaves to Wireless

Monday Sep 13th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

At its September 23 meeting, the FCC will probably approve rules that allow for "Wi-fi on steroids."

NY Times At its September 23 meeting, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will likely approve the expansion of unlicensed use of airwaves. Users will be able to use the "white space" in the television spectrum that was freed up in the transition from analog to digital. This part of the spectrum uses low-frequency waves which travel easily through walls and go a long distance, allowing the creation of wireless hot spots that cover a wide area, known sometimes as "Wi-fi on steroids."

Corporations like Microsoft, Google and Dell have lobbied hard for the new rules and believe the change will open up new opportunities. “I’m absolutely confident that there will be a huge range of applications that we cannot yet predict,” said Microsoft's Dan Reed.

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