The Most Dangerous Jobs in Technology

Friday Sep 3rd 2010 by Staff

Hint: Only one of them involves sitting at a desk all day.

PCWorld: If you thought carpal tunnel syndrome and the occasional scraped knuckle from installing power cords in cramped quarters were the only dangers of technology jobs, think again. Here are seven tech jobs that pose an honest-to-goodness risk to your physical and/or emotional well-being:

  1. Internet Content Moderation--i.e., hunting down the bad guys who post photos of child abuse, torture and other things you don't want to see.
  2. Electronics Assembly--Chinese factories have to install nets to prevent workers from jumping to their deaths.
  3. Fixing Undersea Internet Cables--Robots lay the cables, but humans have to fix them.
  4. Communications-Tower Climbing--18 of the 11,000 people with this job died in 2006.
  5. Unregulated E-Waste Recycling--Workers in third-world countries handle dangerous elements without proper safeguards.
  6. Mining 'Conflict Minerals'--Many of the raw materials used to make electronics come from conflict zones.
  7. Infrastructure Work in War Zones--At least three telecom workers have died in Iraq and at least two in Afghanistan.
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