Equal Pay for Women in IT is 63 Years Away

Thursday Aug 19th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

A report from the Chartered Management Institute says that despite gains, women still make less than men at all levels of IT management.

ComputerWeekly: A Chartered Management Institute (CMI) study of pay for tech workers in the U.K. finds that while women's salaries are increasing at 2.1 percent per year compared to 1.4 percent per year for men, it will still take six decades to achieve parity. That's because male IT workers are still paid an average of £17,736 more than women in the U.K.

CMI's Petra Wilton called for action, saying, "The prospect of continued decades of pay inequality cannot be allowed to become reality. We want to see government take greater steps to enforce pay equality by monitoring organisations more closely and naming and shaming those who fail to pay male and female staff fairly. It is not just government that needs to act. Competitive businesses need to attract diverse workforces and appeal to the most talented employees."

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