Oracle Axes OpenSolaris Development

Monday Aug 16th 2010 by Staff

Independent OpenSolaris developers will no longer be able to contribute to the open source operating system.

eWeek: On Friday, OpenSolaris developers published an e-mail which makes clear Oracle's plans regarding the open source operating system. Instead of releasing nightly builds of the source code, “We will distribute updates to approved CDDL or other open source-licensed code following full releases of our enterprise Solaris operating system,” Oracle said in the email. “In this manner, new technology innovations will show up in our releases before anywhere else.”

That move effectively cuts independent developers out of the project, a move OpenSolaris contributor Steve Stallion, who published the email, said was a “perversion of the open source spirit.” He added, "This is a terrible sendoff for countless hours of work - for quality software which will now ship as an Oracle product that we (the original authors) can no longer obtain on an unrestricted basis. I can only maintain that the software we worked on was for the betterment of all, not for any one company’s bottom line."

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