Re-Use Rather Than Recycling Is Greenest IT Strategy

Tuesday Aug 10th 2010 by Staff

A new report by Computer Aid International says companies that care about sustainability should keep older computer hardware working instead of recycling it.

Computer Weekly: Computer Aid International has released a new report titled "Why re-use is better than recycling" that calls on companies to keep older hardware in use. According to report author Haley Bowcock, "For IT specifically, the environmental payback for recycling is small, as the vast majority of energy use is expended during the production, rather than the use phase - 80% and 20% respectively."

He continues, "Adding to this is the fact that most PCs are often replaced by their primary user well before the end of their productive lives, and the impact of energy inefficiency becomes evident. The reality is that the single most environmentally responsible activity for a still-functional PC is to extend its life."

Computer Aid International supplies refurbished computer hardware to people in developing countries.

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