Stealing Corporate Secrets Proves To Be All Too Easy

Monday Aug 2nd 2010 by Staff

In a social engineering contest held at the Defcon contest, hackers easily obtain information from all of the targeted companies.

InfoWorld: At the Defcon security conference, organized a contest to see how easy it would be to obtain information from high-profile target companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, BP, Shell, Google, Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi, Coke and Ford. The results: contestants got at least some of the information they wanted from all ten companies, and only a very small percentage of employees hung up or refused to reply.

Although the contestants only attempted to collect non-sensitive information, such as the name of the company's trash collector or which version of an operating system the company uses, organizers hope that the contest will highlight the need for better security training for employees.

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