Android Takes Another Bite From Apple's Market Share

Friday Jul 9th 2010 by Staff

Google's mobile operating system is continuing to climb, but Blackberry still dominates the market.

TG Daily: According to the latest numbers from comScore, Google's Android mobile operating system continued to climb steadily through May, while Apple fell slightly. Android jumped from a 9 percent market share during the previous quarter to a 13 percent market share in the quarter that ended in May. Apple dropped one percentage point during the same time period, but that may be due to the fact that consumers were waiting for June's release of the iPhone 4. However, RIM's Blackberry continues to dominate.

ComScore ranks the top five mobile operating systems as follows:

  1. RIM 41.7 percent
  2. Apple 24.4 percent
  3. Microsoft 13.2 percent
  4. Android 13 percent
  5. Palm 4.8 percent
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