Google Wins China Permit Renewal, Defusing Standoff

Friday Jul 9th 2010 by Staff

China has agreed to allow Google to continue offering Web services within the country.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: A six-month-long battle between Google and the Chinese government has come to an end--or at least a cease-fire--as China has agreed to allow the Internet company to continue to offer Web services within the country. The license runs until 2012, but must be renewed annually.

The disagreement between the two parties began in January, when Google accused China of hacking into its systems and said that it would no longer censor content for Chinese citizens. Google recently made small changes to its Chinese home page, which now offers a link which redirects search users to the uncensored Hong Kong site. The company spokesperson did not answer questions abut any other concessions Google may have made in order to obtain the license.

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