IBM Names Firefox Its Default Browser

Thursday Jul 1st 2010 by Staff

IBM's 400,000 employees have been asked to use the open-source browser.

Cnet: IBM is showing Mozilla's Firefox plenty of love. It's 400,000 employees have been instructed to begin using the open source browser if they don't already. "All IBM employees will be asked to use it as their default browser," said IBM's Bob Sutor. "Firefox is enterprise-ready, and we're ready to adopt it for our enterprise."

Sutor lavished praise on Firefox, saying, "While other browsers have come and gone, Firefox is now the gold standard for what an open, secure, and standards-compliant browser should be. I think it was Firefox and its growth that reinvigorated the browser market as well as the web. That is, Firefox forced competitors to respond. Their software has gotten better and we have all benefited."

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