Google Docs Creates Expectations CIOs Can't Meet, Red Hat CEO Says

Thursday Jun 24th 2010 by Staff

CIOs say their employees are having their richest IT experiences at home.

NetworkWorld: Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst says that people are having their richest IT experiences at home--not in the workplace. As a result, they come to the office with expectations that IT departments can't meet.

At the Red Hat summit, Whitehurst shared the story of a CIO who was charged with coming up with a way for global marketing employees to collaborate on document creation. When the CIO said that it would take nine months and $14 million to complete the task, another executive pointed out Google Docs already provided that functionality--and it's free.

Whitehurst called most enterprise IT architecture "mind-numbingly complex." He also advocated open-source tools for the cloud, calling open source "a key driver for things like software-as-a-service, Web 2.0, for cloud computing in general." He added, "Without the economics and innovation of open source, those things would not exist."

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