Bring Your Own PC

Wednesday Jun 23rd 2010 by Staff

A number of companies are experimenting with a new hardware management model known as BYOC--Bring Your Own Computer.

The Register: As more workers bring their "consumer" expectations to the workplace, companies are experimenting with new hardware provisioning models in an attempt to meet those expectations. In fact, several companies have adopted BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) policies for at least some portion of the workforce.

Intel adopted BYOC for its large group of contract employees. The IT department supplies tech support for the contractors' computers, but the company doesn't pay to purchase the hardware.

Citrix gives employees a set amount of cash ($2,100) to purchase their own systems, and the employees can spend more of their own money if they wish. However, employees are required to spend some of that money on a three-year maintenance agreement, and the company would no longer fix hardware problems. Each PC is then set up with a virtual machine containing any necessary work-related apps.

Will similar BYOC models catch on at other companies?

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