Jamcracker Herds SaaS, Private Cloud Users

Tuesday Jun 15th 2010 by Datamation.com Staff

Service providers have been wrestling with the issues of provisioning, managing, and billing physical and virtual servers for a long time.

The Register: Jamcracker was founded in 2000 by KB Chandrasekhar, who previously founded Exodus Communications, the giant hosting company that famously went bust after the dot-com bubble burst. From the experience of running Exodus - which at one point housed the data centers of Google, eBay, Yahoo, Hotmail, and a slew of big Internet properties and a quarter of all Internet traffic went through an Exodus network - Chandrasekhar decided to focus on tools to manage IT infrastructure for other service providers.

In the past ten years, the Jamcracker platform and its related catalog and delivery network has been tapped by dozens of cloud service providers and hundreds of telecommunications companies, software developers, and managed service providers to be the means through which applications are sold to end users.

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